About Okanagan 360

I been using VR with the elderly since "2018" as I was working as a Care Aide. I saw amazing things happen, on a few residents. We saw smiles, tears of happiness, and a resident with dementia showed some cognitive activity for a short period of time. Not saying its a cure, but it did bring back the man..... briefly! At that point I realized what I had, and designed a career out of my own personal experience and knowledge. I now have 10 headsets, and been visiting care homes all over the Okanagan since then. We now have 3 Virtual Reality cameras, and offer personal services to the elderly, by recording family messages in homes, and weddings, to parties. The elderly can actually feel like they are there. I have been a Videographer for over 2 years now, using the 360 camera, and regular SLR cameras, turned into a great hobby and a business. Everyone needs to enjoy what Virtual reality is about, and its not all gaming!

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