Virtual Reality Fun 

Virtual Reality Message or Gathering - VR Card   

$300 - $1,000 

Is your elder family member in a care home, or you just want to remember this moment in Virtual Reality for your family.
They would love to be part of their grandsons birthday, Christmas dinner, or just a family get together.
Now they can
We created a date and time, and record a 30 min video on a 360 camera, with as many people as you want.
I will edit it, and Load it on a Virtual Reality Headset.
I will then visit your elder, and let them join your gathering.
They will be given a USB drive with the video to be viewed on a computer, or a VR headset

Roast a Friend in Virtual Reality 


Would you ever want to ROAST a friend, wife, husband, or just pull the ultimate prank?

Yes you do....

Impractical Jokers has a show that spawned this idea.
Watch this YouTube to understand 

The camera would follow you around the victims home, while you do anything your conniving heart wants......

The video will be edited and put on a VR headset.

Then viewed by the victim.....they watch you do unspeakable things to his apartment and things, and can not stop you!!

I do the recordings, BUT you would be fully responsible for what you do.