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Virtual Reality Weddings

Government says you can only have 10 individuals at your wedding.

Use us, and everyone can be at your wedding with VR

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$3,500 - $4,000

Care home Virtual Reality group session

Overcome fears, Anxiety, Pain, Depression, and create Memories

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VR on a One on One


Opportunity for escape the four walls of your home, or Therapy

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Every resident in the care home will have 20 - 30 minutes of Virtual Reality

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Care home Full Day Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality Message or Gathering - VR Card

Send a VR message 


Bring the Event to them!

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$300 - $1000

Virtual reality for a Party or Event

Kids / Adult  Birthday party

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$400 - 800

Roast a Friend in Virtual Reality 

This could be dangous......

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About Okanagan 360

"Being a Care Aide, we are known for our patience, and empathy!"  Warren Duff

This business was created for  the elderly, and disabled kids.

Since grade 12 I was a tutor for disabled peers in a Kelowna high-school for extra credits.  I found myself wanting to work in this field.

Living in Edmonton, for 25 years as a RCA and sales in computers and other tech.  I found myself back in Kelowna, and became a Registered Care Aid.

I sadly pulled a nerve in my neck, which put being a RCA on hold.
I visited the residents of the care home I worked in, and offered Virtual Reality to a few.  

I saw amazing things happen, on a few residence.  
We saw smiles, tears of happiness, and a residence with dementia show activity for a short period of time.  He recognized his family!

Not saying its a cure, but it did bring back the man he was briefly!

At that point I realized what I had, and designed a career out of my own personal experience and knowledge.

I have been a Videographer for over 2 years now, using the 360 camera, and regular SLR cameras, turned into a great hobby.
Everyone needs to enjoy what Virtual reality is about, and its not all gaming!



What Cameras Do We Use?

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